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reviewed by Deepak Chopra

Peter Amato’s book, Soul Silence, is a guide for the countless individuals struggling to navigate through recovery.
— Deepak Chopra, The Chopra Center

Get the book practitioners and professionals are using to treat their patients basics of meditation and techniques to forming a soul connection…


Part Guidebook, Part Memoir

Soul Silence is written by Peter Amato, PHD., a meditation master and psychotherapist with over 20 years of sobriety. His tried-and-true approach to prayer and meditation is the cornerstone of his Inner Harmony Workshops, which have helped thousands of men and women develop a new understanding of the 11th Step. He’s emphasized the importance of recommitting to recovery with peace, passion, and purpose.

Peter’s approach to enlightened recovery focuses on the "11th step". In a 12 step program, the 11th step refers to one's relationship to prayer and mediation with regard to establishing a conscious contact with an integral and universal divinity (wholeness or oneness) - which is the basis for the book ‘Soul Silence: A Unique Approach to Mastering the 11th Step’.

The book outlines a comprehensive program that answers questions, and offers clear definitions and instructions for prayer and meditation, teaching you how to listen within for spiritual insights that are key to ongoing sobriety and abstinence.


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Marianne Williamson

Peter Amato gives a helpful guide to the 11th step, on the path to spiritual surrender. He goes deep and takes the reader with.
— Marianne Williamson, 2020 Presidential Candidate

Michael bernard Beckwith

Peter Amato of Soul Silence, adds to the unarguable evidence that discovering, aligning, and communing with our true soul-nature is the most seductive of all allures. His wisdom-guided teachings apply to any form of addiction, but especially to that which is the most pervasive of all others: the ego’s addiction to a sense of being separate from our Source.
— Michael Bernard Beckwith, best-selling author and thought leader

Ken Seeley

In my experience with recovering addicts, the individuals who quickly establish and sustain a strong spiritual connection with a higher power of their choosing have a much better chance of staying on a sober path. Soul Silence is one of the only books I’ve read that not only explains the importance of finding that spiritual element but also teaches the reader how to connect to it.
— Ken Seeley, Best-Selling Author, Founder of Intervention 911

Dr. reef Karim

Fostering strong spiritual health is paramount to recovery. In my experience with recovering addicts, individuals who establish and maintain a strong spiritual connection have a much better chance of staying sober. Soul Silence is one of the few books I’ve had the pleasure of reading that not only explains the importance of spiritual healing but also teaches the reader how to develop a deeper connection.
— Dr Reef Karim, Director of The Control Center, UCLA Assistant Clinical Professor