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Soul Silence is a must have for almost everyone! While the title may lead you to believe it is specific to recovery, it is not! It is an eye open and life changing read that will open your eyes to enlightenment and a better way to living. Aren’t we all in recovery in in one way or another? Peter’s book has helped me and so many others life a life full of happiness, peace, passion, and purpose! Do yourself the favor and buy now!!
— This is a must have!

Simply put, Soul Silence is life changing. The author has the unique ability to provide practical guidance on how to find peace and serenity within. Particularly for those who are not in recovery, like myself, I have found this book to be very applicable to modern day stresses experienced by everyone. The author teaches real presence. This a must read.
— Great Read for Everyone!

From the very beginning, Peter makes it clear that recovery is possible which, for many people, is something that is questioned. To take things to the next level, Peter provides a wonderful “toolkit” that details the path through which people can implement the the 11th Step in their everyday lives. For a long time going, many people were unsure as to how to implement the 11th Step and Peter provides all of the answers to the questions pertaining to the 11th Step and it’s implementation. This book does is not, by any means, specific only to those in recovery. Great read for anyone and everyone!
— Amazing Read

Soul Silence is a book for everyone, not just someone who is overcoming an addiction. The methods in this book and the information relates to everyone no matter what “step” you are mastering. Peter captures you with his story and simplifies spirituality and how to connect.

When I first started mediating I couldn’t do it for 5 minutes without letting my mind wander. The exercises in this book have helped me with focus and use breathing techniques to clear my mind to reach new levels of spirituality, focus and concentration.

I have purchased this for friends who are in recovery and for those who need guidance in general. It’s simple, to the point and not a long read that loses the reader. I agree, a must read for those trying to navigate through recovery and for those wanting to be enlightened.
— Excellent for everyone!

This book is a critical read for anyone searching for a way to better connect with themselves and those around them. I’ve given this book to all of my friends and employees over the past few months and the responses have been moving to say the least. What makes Mr. Amato’s book so powerful is the fact that it not only means something significant to everyone who reads it, but also improves the lives of those they deal with on a daily basis. It is not the answers to the problems we all face, but it is a guide to learning how to ask the best possible questions of yourself and what you need to find soul silence.
— A Must Read For Anyone Interested In Finding Inner Peace

I use this in my practice with clients. Good resource.
— Good resource

Finally, a book that gives PRACTICAL and useable instructions on how to meditate. The section on yoga is also exceptionally well done. Covered a lot of areas that I had had difficulties with. A real life changer. Received shortly after my husband died and it really helped me stay grounded.
— a must for those wanting the full benefits of the 11th Step

This book definitely goes with the 12 step program and traditions of AA. The author does a good job of using non traditional references to help people who are in a rut trying to work the 11th step.
— Definitely aligned with the Program